Ahvaz Abouzar 237-Bed Hospital for Children

Title : Ahvaz Abouzar 237-Bed Hospital for Children

Client : Eskan co. (Bonyad Alavi agent)

Consultant : Hamgoon Consulting Engineers Co.

  • Location : Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province
  • Usage : Children’s hospital
  • Start Time : July 2015
  • End Time : Temporary delivered
  • Area (m^2) : 13000
  • Infrastructure (m^2) : 30000

Abouzar 237-bed Hospital of Ahwaz is a 9-storey building located adjacent to Abouzar former hospital. This hospital has concrete structure. The exterior is a combination of stone, cement and color.

Its HVAC system consists of fan coils and air handling units and ventilators located on the roof.

This hospital has these departments:

  1. Hospitalization wards: Maternity, Internal diseases, Surgery, Children, Blood and Immunology, ICU, CCU, Infants’ Intensive Care Unit (NICU,PSIC,PMICU)
  2. Surgical operations (6 operation rooms), Clinic, Professional poly-clinic, Emergency, Outpatient cures (2 rooms)
  3. Diagnostic service wards: Laboratory, Radiology, Endoscopy, Physiotherapy, Dentistry
  4. Supporting service wards: Sterilization, Pharmacy, laundry General and Foodstuff warehouses, Corpse cold storage and anatomy, Installation room, kitchen
  5. Administrative services: Management and Administrative, Reception, Lecture hall, Conference hall, Computer and server room, Medical document filling, Monitoring and consulting, Library, Dining room, Locker room, Praying room, Amphitheater, Playing room
  6. Supporting buildings: Garbage burning room, Gasoline reservoir, Oxygen generator, Medical gas platform, Water reservoir, Guard house, Waiting saloon, Waste water treatment, Two generator rooms (two 1100 KW & three 1400 KW diesel generators), Two 33 KV electric power substations with five 1250 KVA transformers, Natural gas pressure reduction room