Civil Engineering 142 Inc., initially named 142 Cooperative Company, was established in May 1980 in order to actively take part in the construction and development of Iran. During these years, CE 142 Group has participated in the field of procurement and implementation of national projects and has been qualified in the fields of building and construction, installation and equipment, road and transportation, and water by Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization.

In 1986, with the aim of increasing its capabilities, optimizing the use of the existing facilities, and taking more important steps in reclamation of the country, “142 Cooperative company” changed into a joint stock company named “Civil Engineering 142 Inc.”.

This company is a committed and quality-oriented organization that relies on its high-tech capabilities, integrity, specialized personnel, and modern management systems which can proudly mention its effective role in national projects for nearly 40 years.

Commitment to the principles of contracts, engineering ethics, and client satisfaction, applying quality management and also occupational health, safety and environmental management system based on international standards, recruiting and training young specialized personnel and achieving self-sufficiency in all fields of engineering and ultimately becoming a leading company in national projects and entering into international market are our prominent standpoints. In this regard, ISO 10006:2017,ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, IMS were granted to CE 142.

We have written and published a number of maintenance and operation manuals for hospitals and received several certificates of appreciation from senior officials in Iran.

For accomplishing our prospects, we are committed to offer the highest quality in engineering and construction services and expanding the scope of our services by utilizing modern management systems and professional human resources and having an effective role in international market.

Organizational Diagram


  1. Certificate of Contractor’s Competency
  2. Civil Engineering 142 Inc. has been graded in the following branches by the "Organization of Management and Planning “:
  • Building and Construction (Grade 1, the highest grade in Iran)
  • Installation and Equipment (Grade 1, the highest grade in Iran)
  • Road and Transportation (Grade 5)
  • Water (Grade 5)
  1. ISO 10006:2017
  2. ISO 9001:2015
  3. ISO 14001:2015
  4. ISO 45001:2018
  5. IMS

  1. Accreditation Certificate Safe

Certificates of Appreciation

  1. Deputy Minister of Road & Urban Development

    Mahak Charity,2018

    HSE Award,2018 

    Alawi Foundation, 2018 

    Alawi Foundation, 2017

    3rd hospital exhibition, 2016

    2nd International Exhibition of hospital Building, 2016

    2nd Specialized Congress on Hospital Construction and Resource and Equipment Management, 2016

    Omidiyeh Department of Cooperatives Labor and Social Welfare, 2015

    5th road and urban planning exhibition, 2015

    Equestrian Federation of Alborz Province, 2014

    Governor of Lorestan province,2013

    Exhibition of Roads and Urban Planning, 2011

    Wushu Federation of I.R. IRAN, 2010

    Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, 2009

    Boushehr Petroleum Industry Health Organization, 2007

    Iran Housing Investment Company, 2006

    Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences, 2003

    Iran Housing Investment Company, 1993

    Minister of Health, 1987

    Tehran Governor, 1983

Our Vision and missions


Our vision is to become the most creditable hospital contracting company in the country and the region, relying on its valuable experience in implementing national projects, utilizing organizational efficiency, and committed and capable human resources.


Regarding the conditions ahead for construction industry and the need for implementing infrastructural and entrepreneurial national wealth creating plans by general contractors, our mission is to develop a credible GC company with the aim of implementing EPC and EPC+F national and regional projects, thus reaching the satisfaction of the stakeholders by increasing the quality of work and saving the country's resources.

We define our strategies to achieve our mission as below:

  1. Resource Development:

1.1 Human Resource Development: Maintaining our key forces and managing their knowledge, developing Technical and Engineering department by employing specialized, efficient staff that adhere to company policies, and continually promoting their technical knowledge and general understandings in the field of company activities.

  1. Structural development:

2.1 Organizational Development: Development and improvement of our departments in order to expand our capabilities, better systems, adopt new approaches and make the organization flexible.

2.2 Physical Development: Development of office space and infrastructure

2.3 Collaboration Development: Identifying and coalition with top national and international companies (including contractors, consultants and investors) to enhance the capability of implementing national and regional macro-projects and organizational flexibility.

  1. Company activities Development:

3.1 Developing a portfolio of projects: Participating in new tenders and qualifying for EPC projects

3.2 Geographical development of company projects: Entering the technical and engineering market of the region

3.3 Labor Market and Investment Diversification: Diversify financial source by developing cooperation with capital owners, optimizing the company's investment portfolio with a view to increasing our share in the national and regional business markets.

  1. Financial Development:

4.1 Developing and Increasing Company’s Assets and Fund: Investing and participating in profitable activities such as the construction industry and the stock market to create economic value added.

  1. Brand development of the company:

Study, evaluate, identify resources and operationalize existing business opportunities in line with market trends and effectively implement promotional activities in a way that promotes CE.142 brand.