Shahroud 313-Bed Hospital

Title : Shahroud 313-Bed Hospital

Client : Khane Sazi Iran Co.

Consultant : Khane Sazi Iran Co.

  • Location : Shahroud, Semnan Province
  • Usage : Teaching Hospital
  • Start Time : 1991
  • End Time : 2000
  • Area (m^2) : 120000
  • Infrastructure (m^2) : 25500

Shahroud 313-bed hospital is a two-story building constructed in the suburb of Shahroud. It has concrete structure and brick walls. The exterior is also made of bricks.

Its HVAC system includes radiators, fan coils, nine air-handling units and one zent. The heating and cooling fluid is provided by three 10000-pound steam boilers and 4 Vapor-compression chillers.101 roof ventilators circulates the air inside the building.

 Non-medical equipment works including all ground and wall-mounted cabinets, laboratory furniture and hoods, trolleys and kitchen equipment along with refrigerators and cold storages, was also performed by ce142.


This hospital has the following departments:

  1. Hospitalization wards: Maternity, Internal Diseases, Surgery, Children, ICU, CCU, Infants
  2. Surgical operations (6 operation rooms), Maternal operations (2 operation room), Clinic
  3. Diagnostic service wards: Laboratory, Radiology, Endoscopy, Physiotherapy
  4. Supporting service wards: Sterilization, Pharmacy, Laundry, General and Foodstuff warehouses, Corpse cold storage and anatomy, Installations (machine room and elevator), Kitchen
  5. Administrative services: Management, Accounting and Financial, Reception, Conference room, Library
  6. Supporting buildings: Guard houses, Garbage burning room (two 150kg/h garbage burners), Repairs and Drivers rooms, Waste water treatment, Water reservoir and Water pumping station, Generator room (two 270 KW diesel generators), 20 KV electric power substation with two 1250 KVA transformers, Natural gas pressure reduction station