Alashtar 64-Bed Hospital

Title : Alashtar 64-Bed Hospital

Client : Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Consultant : Emko Iran Consulting Engineers

  • Location : Alashtar, Lorestan province
  • Usage : General Hospital
  • Start Time : 2004
  • End Time : 2007
  • Area (m^2) : 62000
  • Infrastructure (m^2) : 9200

Alashtar 64-bed Hospital is a 2-storey building with concrete structure and brick walls exterior. All constructional works of the hospital and the supporting buildings and landscaping was executed by ce.142.

This hospital has these departments:

  1. Hospitalization wards: Maternity, Internal Diseases, Surgery, Children, ICU, CCU, Infants
  2. Surgical operations (2 operation rooms), Maternal operations (1 operation room), Clinic, Emergency, Outpatient cures(1 room)
  3. Diagnostic service wards: Laboratory, Radiology, Endoscopy, Physiotherapy, Dentistry
  4. Supporting service wards: Sterilization, Pharmacy, Laundry, General and Foodstuff warehouses, Corpse cold storage and anatomy, Installations, Kitchen
  5. Administrative services: Management, Accounting and Financial, Reception, Conference room, Library
  6. Supporting buildings: 2 Guard houses,2 Garbage burning rooms, Waiting room, Waste water treatment, Ambulance car wash and repair, Water reservoir and Water pumping station, Generator room, Electric power substation, Oxygen generator