The sixth number of CE.142 youth council’s periodical

The sixth number of CE.142 youth council’s periodical has been published recently.

In this issue, after the speech of the CEO and the speech of the editor, we read articles with the following titles:

  • Misery Index
  • Human Resources Bureaucracy
  • Earthquake and crisis management
  • Seismic improvement strategies for existing buildings
  • Determine the dynamics behavior of the nailed walls under seismic loading based on displacement
  • Ventilation system in the Mega hospitals and case study of examining the operating room and isolating the positive and negative pressure
  • Proper insulation in different sections of the buildings


Also, other articles such as health issues in the building, introduction of in-progress projects, interview with the head of the Ahwaz Children's Hospital project site, internal news of the company, and the introduction of domestic and foreign exhibitions and conferences that will be held in the next year are included in this issue.


The PDF version of this number and the five previous numbers are available on this website in Persian.


The next number of CE.142 youth council’s periodical will be published in the first half of the year.

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